Things To Consider While Choosing Radar Detectors

Radar Detectors are instruments that are fit into the car to alert the drivers about the radar gun used by police to monitor high-speed vehicles. Radar Detectors are used in cars to avoid getting speeding tickets. While buying a radar detector, there are certain things like the design and features that needs to be considered. Here are some things that you need to know while choosing one for you from a range of top radar detectors for 2017.

Detector Type

Radar detectors are available as three types – with cord, cordless and remote operated. Cordless detectors are best for people who want to switch the detector from one car to another frequently. Detectors with cords are usually mounted on windshields and are the best in detection. Remote operated detectors are ones that are fitted permanently to the car.


Radar detectors with city mode option are best suited for use in the cities. This option helps to reduce the number of false alerts that are received due to automated door openers or microwave ovens.

Type of Laser Detection

A single laser sensor is not so effective in detecting the laser guns. But a 360-degree laser sensor has 2 sensors that effectively look for laser beams from the front, behind and to the sides. Though these are a bit costly, they are very effective.

Voice Alert

A voice alert helps you by notifying you about the laser beam picked. Thus, one need not take their eyes off the road.


A detector with GPS is of much help because it will remember the location where false alerts have taken place before and thus, avoids raising false alarms again and again.

Warning System

Many radar detectors will indicate where the laser beam signal is coming from. They also tell how strong the laser beam signal is so that you will be able to know about the nearby speed detection laser gun.