Best Front And Back Tyres

There are so many brands of front and back tyres available in the market that it can be very confusing for a vehicle owner to decide upon a particular brand. Some of the factors to keep in mind while choosing tyres are that you should consider its longevity, wet and dry weather handling, stopping ability and most importantly whether it is worth your money or not. Here are some of the brands which are easily available and you can easily buy car tyres in Melbourne of these brands.

  • Pirelli is an Italian brand which is famous for sponsoring many motorsports events. It has absolutely outstanding performances but they are not very cheap in terms of their cost. In fact, their costliest tyres are of more than $1500. This brand is preferred by car racing drivers and each of the tyres is of 20 inches in diameter.
  • Dunlop is an American brand which manufactures all kinds of car tyres which includes city-dwelling runarounds, small sized vehicles to those racing cars. They have some of the most budget friendly tyres in their collection which does not cost more than $80per tyre. Also, they have some costly tyres as well that can cost approximately $1400. They have a wide variety of tyres from slick tarmac tyres to kart tyres, to rally and track tyres.
  • Bridgestone is a brand that originated from Japan in the initial years of 20th It is a leading manufacturer of tyres across the globe. Their tyres are quite reasonable which has a price range of $80 to $800 and above. You can see Bridgestone tyres on city streets to race tracks. And the best part is they often come up with tempting bonus deals that can be like a fourth tyre free or cash back or may be services program which can get you some discounts.