Radar Detector- How It Works?

It is really brain tickling to drive a car at its topmost speed. It is sort of fun for the car lovers who enjoy the thrill that follows it. Though it is fun to drive fast one must also accept that it is a way to risk your life. Cops are there for us everywhere. They do not want the people to get into serious accidents so they use a radar gun to check the speed of the car.

If the car goes beyond the limit, then they shoot you a fine which is more costly than spending an awesome vacation. Cops are not our enemies they are our life saversJ. Yes, that’s true. What if you have fun without getting caught by the police? The technology is helping us even in this. Why not use it?

Feel free to use the radar detector and try to escape from the eyes of the police. Before choosing a radar detector for your car, let us understand the radar technology in detail.

How does a Radar detector work?

The atmosphere is full of waves and signals. The radar gun used by the cops sends radio waves into the air and waits for an echo after it is hit by a vehicle to read the speed of the vehicle. Though there are various signals in our atmosphere, the radar detector is designed to detect the frequency of the radio wave used by the cops. They are designed in such a way that the driver can sense the presence of cops noting the speed even before they detect the actual speed. So, the driver can reduce the speed of the car before the cops are able to read the speed. This, is, however, going to get tough, as the best police radar detectors has a better frequency and though your detector will let you know a cop is nearby, the detector won’t respond quickly enough for you to reduce your speed.