Road trips are almost always fun, especially if you’re driving home to meet loved ones, or perhaps going on a holiday. But all such occasions mean hauling along with your loads and loads of luggage. And even the thought of driving or sitting in a vehicle that is crammed with luggage sounds uncomfortable.

One simple way out of this trouble is to install a cargo carrier. It is a sturdy and fairly simple way in which you can transfer your entire luggage on the roof and make more space for yourself to relax in.

But again when it comes to cargo carriers, there are some variants to choose from. You can check out some top quality cargo carriers right here. The way to secure them on your car is also quite simple. Let us look at a few of them and see hoe to secure them too.

Cargo Baskets

You can secure such a cargo basket by the car’s roof racks or clips or hooks and attach them to the ledges that are there on the sides of the car. These are available in metal as well as plastic. While it is an excellent option to keep your luggage secure, the top has to be secured with an elastic or net, and so cannot protect your luggage in snows or rains.

Cargo Bags

These are an excellent option especially since they provide the waterproofing service. They can be secured quite easily since they have a strap system that can be attached to the roof or to the ledges on the side. The only problem these bags have is that if the bag is not full, it may flap and cause the bag to flap around that not just causes excessive noise but also might reduce the life of the carrier bag.

There are various other options to haul luggage that include cargo boxes which are one of the sturdiest options available.

Best Front And Back Tyres

There are so many brands of front and back tyres available in the market that it can be very confusing for a vehicle owner to decide upon a particular brand. Some of the factors to keep in mind while choosing tyres are that you should consider its longevity, wet and dry weather handling, stopping ability and most importantly whether it is worth your money or not. Here are some of the brands which are easily available and you can easily buy car tyres in Melbourne of these brands.

  • Pirelli is an Italian brand which is famous for sponsoring many motorsports events. It has absolutely outstanding performances but they are not very cheap in terms of their cost. In fact, their costliest tyres are of more than $1500. This brand is preferred by car racing drivers and each of the tyres is of 20 inches in diameter.
  • Dunlop is an American brand which manufactures all kinds of car tyres which includes city-dwelling runarounds, small sized vehicles to those racing cars. They have some of the most budget friendly tyres in their collection which does not cost more than $80per tyre. Also, they have some costly tyres as well that can cost approximately $1400. They have a wide variety of tyres from slick tarmac tyres to kart tyres, to rally and track tyres.
  • Bridgestone is a brand that originated from Japan in the initial years of 20th It is a leading manufacturer of tyres across the globe. Their tyres are quite reasonable which has a price range of $80 to $800 and above. You can see Bridgestone tyres on city streets to race tracks. And the best part is they often come up with tempting bonus deals that can be like a fourth tyre free or cash back or may be services program which can get you some discounts.

Lease or Own, Decisions balanced!

To travel with family and friends van is the best choice than cars. It is spacious and comfortable to travel long distances. So do you own vans? If not, looking for options to buy one? Have you considered the option of leasing vans?

Well, we never travel most often with a huge lot of member’s long distances. In case you do, then owning is the best option. But, for the majority of the people, this isn’t the case.

So, which is best, and why? Well, how do you go about it? okay so here is the response for all your queries.

Before talking about the lease, let’s talk about owning them. The pros of owning a van:

  • Best value investment in case you are intended for the use
  • Best mileage limit
  • You can do whatever you want with it, sell or trade, or do some business with it

Now, let’s talk about the leasing van option.

To be frank, this has both pros and cons, which can be balanced and judged only based on your situation and requirement. Sometimes the cost would be high that you can take your own car and move, but you might need a van. Van leasing Edinburgh has one of the best policies and offers, don’t miss out on them.

Leasing has its own rules and regulations and you need to abide by them. so here are the pros of it:

  • You can use it lavishly for a year, and upgrade and buy a new model or new one. So you get to roam around in new van every while
  • You needn’t bear the depreciation value
  • Many of the leasing companies include the insurance and maintenance charges under the insurance policies and you are saving huge amounts on them
  • Companies offer the choice to own the vehicle, which might turn to be a great deal

Well, the cons remain:

  • If you wind up the lease, under-utilised the vehicle then you are at loss
  • You need to take extra care, for not to damage

We have said the stuff, you decide based on the scenario ahead of you.


Things To Consider While Choosing Radar Detectors

Radar Detectors are instruments that are fit into the car to alert the drivers about the radar gun used by police to monitor high-speed vehicles. Radar Detectors are used in cars to avoid getting speeding tickets. While buying a radar detector, there are certain things like the design and features that needs to be considered. Here are some things that you need to know while choosing one for you from a range of top radar detectors for 2017.

Detector Type

Radar detectors are available as three types – with cord, cordless and remote operated. Cordless detectors are best for people who want to switch the detector from one car to another frequently. Detectors with cords are usually mounted on windshields and are the best in detection. Remote operated detectors are ones that are fitted permanently to the car.


Radar detectors with city mode option are best suited for use in the cities. This option helps to reduce the number of false alerts that are received due to automated door openers or microwave ovens.

Type of Laser Detection

A single laser sensor is not so effective in detecting the laser guns. But a 360-degree laser sensor has 2 sensors that effectively look for laser beams from the front, behind and to the sides. Though these are a bit costly, they are very effective.

Voice Alert

A voice alert helps you by notifying you about the laser beam picked. Thus, one need not take their eyes off the road.


A detector with GPS is of much help because it will remember the location where false alerts have taken place before and thus, avoids raising false alarms again and again.

Warning System

Many radar detectors will indicate where the laser beam signal is coming from. They also tell how strong the laser beam signal is so that you will be able to know about the nearby speed detection laser gun.

Enjoy Your Trips With Navigatore Golf 5

Planning for a vacation to a new place in your Volkswagen Golf 5? Then you are sure to enjoy the whole vacation without any stress? Yes, planning to visit a new place is a kind of fun for all in a family except for the person who has to drive the car. It is because it is not possible for one to know all the routes. It was a kind of stressful for the driver until there was GPS. Now, anybody can drive to any place without any need of noting down the direction for the destination place.

Volkswagen Golf 5 also has one installed in it. The navigatore golf 5 autoradio can guide the driver wherever he moves. So, do not worry wherever you are and whichever place you and your family like to go. Do not waste your vacation just by worrying about the travel, listen to the music, watch your favorite movie and let your kids enjoy the vacation too.

The navigation guide has become easier with the android auto radio which has been designed by considering the safety in mind. Though one enjoys the drive by listening to music or by watching a movie, one can focus on the drive. It provides you with the best direction options and the voice indication will let you concentrate on the driving too.

No more fight with your girlfriend or wife on which route to take and which way to beat the traffic, all of these are taken care of. Don’t worry even if you miss an exit, the GPS would recalculate the route in no time and ensure that you reach the destination quickly without worrying whom to ask for directions.

So, spend time with your family during an excellent vacation without worrying about the direction of travel. If you do not have one on your car, then it is time to install one. Before installing one, make sure whether your car is android compatible.

Why Do You Need GPS

Are you one of those people who take pride in the fact that you know all the roads around you like the back of your hand? Never felt you needed GPS facility in your car? Here are a few reasons to get your car GPS enabled today:

  • What if you are driving to a new place? You may not know every road and every turn. Instead of driving around looking for road signs or asking people for the way, you can find the way in seconds with a GPS.
  • If you are on a road trip, there are many chances for you to get lost if you don’t have proper road signs. Highways have signs only at certain places and it is easy to miss a road. A GPS will warn you when you have missed your road.
  • You won’t have to depend on strangers to tell you the way and you can map the route in your GPS. You will be guided all the way without any confusions
  • If you were to change the route or take a small detour, the GPS can recalculate your route and give you the alternative roads to take. You can even decide between the different routes available
  • If you have to get to a meeting on time, you cannot risk taking the wrong road or wasting your time asking for the route. This will not only waste your time but will also get you frustrated and you cannot attend the meeting in a calm state of mind
  • A GPS will also tell you the estimated time required to reach the place. This way, you can plan your travel accordingly and ensure you are on time.

How To Get One

If you are wondering how to get your car GPS enabled, you can get a separate system that will allow you to connect your smart phone to it. This way you can use the features on the phone, while driving, without having to touch the phone. Autoradio carplay is the software that allows you to connect your iPhone to such systems and autoradio double din is the software for android phones.